Kessler Theater Added to the National Registry
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Taken from The Dallas Morning News - Roy Appleton

Four years ago tonight the Kessler Theater reopened its doors for performances by Josh Alan Friedman and others.

Congrats to owner Edwin Cabaniss and artistic director Jeff Liles for transforming a vacant building into one of the city’s leading entertainment venues.

Read More at Oak Cliff Blog - Dallas Morning News

Executive Airport Town Hall Meeting
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A neighborhood meeting has been planned to discuss proposed changes at Executive Airport and how those changes will impact Oak Cliff residents.  The meeting will be Thursday, April 3rd, 6:30 pm at the Dallas Executive Airport Conference Center (Big Silver building next to terminal), 5303 Challenger,  All are welcome!

Landmark Commission approves Sunset High School Designation
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The City of Dallas Landmark Commission voted unanimously to Landmark Sunset High School on March 3.  The school opened in 1925.  From here, the designation moves onto the City Planning Commission and then onto the full City Council.  

Said the Dallas Morning News on March 7.

"The elegant architecture of Oak Cliff’s Sunset High School deserved the protection and recognition that it got last week from the city’s landmark commission. The commission’s unanimous vote to grant the high school historic landmark status is important to preserving it for future generations. And the Sunset High School Alumni Association’s dedication to ensuring the future of its alma mater is laudable. The Dallas Independent School District fought with Adamson High School’s alumni in 2009 over giving that school landmark status. The district wisely stepped away from that fight and put up no resistance to the designation for Sunset. The old high schools of Oak Cliff are beautiful buildings that the city should retain and celebrate."

Much thanks to DISD Trustee Eric Cowan and Dallas City Councilman Scott Griggs who have supported Sunset's designation all along.

Dallas Charter Review Meetings - Come lend your voice to the discussion
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