Virtual Town Hall Budget meeting
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 Subject: Dallas Budget:

This video explains an alternative to attending a City of Dallas BUDGET town hall meeting in person.

The City of Dallas is making it easier for citizens to provide feedback to the City Manager’s proposed 2013-14 Budget. In addition to the Budget Town Hall meetings, residents will be able to engage in discussions about the proposed budget via telephone or from their home computer or tablet. There are 3 ways to take part in the FY 2103-14 Budget Town Hall meetings: 

   1) Attend one of the Budget Town Hall Meetings in your district 

   2) Participate in a Virtual Budget Town Hall Meeting via your home computer or tablet

   3) Participate in a Telephone Town Hall Budget Meeting via your phone

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OOCCL Grants 2013 Awarded From 2012 Home Tour
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C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s !

Grants Given to League Neighborhoods

Each year the Old Oak Cliff Conservation League gives out thousands of dollars to various neighborhoods for their projects, covering 60% of the projects cost. The moneys for the grants are raised by the League’s only annual fundraiser, Oak Cliff’s Fall Tour of Homes.  Please join up for our upcoming 2013 Home Tour, the 2nd weekend of October.  Homes have already been selected & will be revealed at the September’s general meeting, to be held on the 9th of September.

This year, the League gave 10 grants out on the 10th of June during its general membership meeting at Turner House.

Handing out the grants were Jacque Groth, OOCCL Vice President of Neighborhoods, who lives in the West Kessler neighborhood, with assistance from Phil Leven, OOCCL President, who lives in the Hampton Hills neighborhood.
The 2013 Grants awarded were to :

The Dells District Neighborhood Association
received $400.00 toward finishing out their “Street Sign Toppers”.

Elmwood Neighborhood Association,

received $1,000.00 for an “Elmwood Business District Mural”


Ken Denson accepts the grant for Elmwood.


Kidd Springs Neighborhood Association
received $1,650.00 to help toward providing school uniforms, neighborhood challenges, communication & copying costs.


Pam Conley accepts grant for her neighborhood & gives thanks to the League for all the support they give to the neighborhoods & to Oak Cliff.


Kiest Park Community Group
received $600.00 for “installation of Neighborhood Crime Watch and V.I.P. Signs”


Judy Brooks & her husband accept the first grant awarded to their neighborhood.



Kings Highway Conservation District
received $607.00 to “increasing their Visible Presence”.

"in an effort to continue to define their borders, the grant will help toward painting the new KHCD logo onto 2 retaining walls located on N Polk near Kings Hwy and will aid in the painting of event yard signs to be desplayed in Resident's yards."


Accepting the award is Lisa Benskin.

Sunset Hill Neighborhood Association
received $1,475.00 for “Sign Toppers”


Michael Amonett accepts the award for his neighborhood.  Sunset Hills went active again about 2 years ago after almost 25 to 30 years of inactivity. This is the 2nd year in a row, they have been able to apply & were awarded the grant. 


West Kessler Neighborhood Association
received $327.00 for a “WKNA Membership Directory” and “Electricity for the Stevens Woods Court Island Garden”


Accepting for West Kessler is David Cooper



Winnetka Heights Neighborhood Association
received $3,000.00 for “Sidewalk improvements and website improvements”.


Wynnewood Heights Neighborhood Association
received $500.00 “Landscape median beautification/crime watch signs and toppers”


Accepting the first grant for her neighborhood from the League is Ethel Thomas. Their neighborhood joined OOCCL just a few years ago.



Wynnewood North Neighborhood Association
received $1.107.00 for “Neighborhood Signage (Sign Toppers)”


Wynnewood Height’s Celebration of Hope
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Wynnewood Heights' Celebration of Hope was very impressive. About 50 to 60 volunteers from the surrounding neighborhood turned out, including some expertise generously provided by Home Depot. Seven homes were painted for families who were unable to do so themselves, as well as additional landscaping that was added to the traffic triangle at Llewellyn and Saner.

It was an incredibe day's work! with amazing results. 


Wynnewood Heights
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a celebration of hope ..........

Wynnewood Heights Neighborhood Association will partner with the Dallas Leadership Foundation  homeowner 's group and Churches.  They will be painting houses and  doing some landscaping for senior citizen and those who can not afford it.


This is a Celebration Of Hope & will be: 

Date:    Saturday, June 22, 2013 

Time:    7:30 am -3:00 pm 

Meeting Place 616 West Kiest Blvd Dallas ,TX 75224 


Volunteers are needed in

"Transforming the community for a better and safer place to live."

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