Beckleywood Family's Home Suffers a Gas Explosion and Seeks Help This Holiday Season
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UPDATE:  OOCCL raised $300 at our Christmas Party and took it to Trinity United Church and Domingo's family this past weekend.  Donatinos can still be mailed by check to the address below. 

Mayor's District 1 and District 3 Townhall Meeting
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Mayor Rawlings will host a District 1 and District 3 townhall meeting at Kiest Park Recreation Center(map) - Tuesday January 24th at 6:30 PM.

2011 Ruth Chenoweth Conservation Achievement Award
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This year's Ruth Chenoweth Conservation Achievement Award goes to David Spence of Good Space for his exemplary work on 8th Street in the Bishop Arts District.  This year, Spence bought and rehabilitated 312 and 416 W. 8th St.  Spence has also purchased and is in the process of rehabilitating 305 W. 8th.

Last year's Bishop Davis zoning matter drastically altered the Bishop Arts Conservation Distinct Ordinance by allowing for 3 story buildings to be built where the current contributing collection of work force housing now stands.  Changes also however allowed for businesses to locate into these single family homes adding to their value.  This more positive aspect of the ordinance change made rehabilitation more commercially viable.  

Spence has done a great service to the District and to the City of Dallas by taking these houses and making it more likely that they will not one day be destroyed.  By doing this, he has increased the likelihood that examples of all of the structures that make up the Conservation District will remain intact and continue to tell the area's story for generations to come.

The criteria for the award:
  • This award recognizes outstanding conservation achievement pertaining to a property of historical significance in Oak Cliff.  That may include preservation, conservation, rehabilitation, restoration, reconstruction, adaptive re-use or a combination of these design principles.
  • Consideration includes the treatment of hard-scape and landscape on the existing site. The property - building and its total site - does not intrude upon the surrounding neighborhood but rather compliments and benefits it.
  • Recipients of this award are members of a preservation team that have risen above and beyond the ordinary in their efforts to strengthen and preserve the character and integrity that is our history and our future.  The Old Oak Cliff Conservation League holds them in our highest regard for their efforts.
Ruth Chenoweth was a founding member of the Old Oak Cliff Conservation League and the Dallas Heritage Council, the Neighborhood Conservation Alliance, the Dallas Homeowners League and the Historic Preservation League, now Preservation Dallas.  She passed away in 2006.
Officer JD Tippit State of Texas Historical Marker Progress
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WFAA Story on Tippit Marker
Landscaping at Tippit Historical Marker

On November 22, 2010, OOCCL was contacted by WFAA Channel 8 reporter Brad Watson regarding why no historic marker was present at Tenth and Patton to honor Officer JD Tippit who was shot and killed by Lee Harvey Oswald on November 22, 1963.  Oswald was fleeing towards the Texas Theater after he just shot President Kennedy downtown when Tippit stopped him about 100 feet from the corner of Tenth and Patton.    

This November 22, we can report considerable progress on this front about such a marker.  This summer, Kennedy Historian Farris Rookstool III wrote a 104 page narrative about the incident and OOCCL completed an application and submitted it along with the narrative to the Texas Historical Commission by the November 15, 2011 deadline for 2012 markers.  A generous grant from the Texas Historical Foundation will pay for the marker.

DISD Trustee Eric Cowan was very instrumental in coordinating with DISD and securing the corner for the marker.  If approved by the state, it will rest on the new Adamson campus at Patton and Tenth approximately 100 feet from the actual site.  It is hoped this marker will be in place on November 22, 2012 but we can now share the actuall site plan below. 

OOCCL is very grateful to Brad Watson, Farris Rookstool, the Texas Historical Foundation, Eric Cowan and the Dallas Independent School District for their contribution to this effort thus far and we look forward to showing you the actual marker next year.
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