Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge
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Pedistrians were given their only opportunity to walk on the new Margaret Hunt Hill bridge the weekend of March 3 and 4.  Vehicles won't be able to actually drive on the bridge until March 29.  Once the bridge opens, the old Continental Bridge will be converted to a pedistrian/cyclist bridge.  

Below are 2 of the infamous West Dallas figures featured in the "Parade of Giants".

Bonnie Parker

Clyde Barrow
Texas Historical Commission Approves Marker
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On Jaunary 26th, the Texas HIstorical Commission approved OOCCL's application for a marker to honor Officer JD Tippit.  Tippit lost his life on November 22, 1963 to Lee Harvey Oswald on the corner of Tenth and Patton.  The marer will reside on land generously dontated by DISD at that corner.  We'd like to thank Ferris Rookstool who wrote the narrative, Tom Doell with the Texas Historical Foundation who donated the money and to DISD Trustee Eric Cowan who arranged for the land to be used for this historic purpose.  Most thanks of all to Channel 8 reporter Brad Watson who started the whole marker process in motion.  

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Guest Editorial Dallas Morning News January 17, 2012
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January 17, 2012

Cities all over the United States are adding density to their urban core while not sacrificing the character that inner-city neighborhoods provide. While conventional zoning, done on a case-by-case basis, has discouraged a compact walkable urban environment and instead created a hodgepodge of disposable structures separated by parking lots, form-based zoning principles provide a predictable template to create a continuity that better achieves a city’s goals of density, walkability, sustainability and predictability.

Time-tested streetscapes in New York, Portland and Berlin — or now here in Oak Cliff along historic Jefferson Boulevard — reveal common characteristics that all vibrant pedestrian environments share. Buildings are built to the sidewalk with businesses on the bottom and living or office space above, so the relationship between the structure and the pedestrian becomes the focal point.

Dallas assembled a diverse group of neighborhood leaders and developers to create a similar vision for us in 2006. After two years of deliberation, discussion and compromise, “Article XIII Form Districts” was born and codified unanimously by the City Council as a tool that can be used for zoning.
Bishop Arts Wins AIA Award
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The Bishop Arts Merchant Association was honored with a Dallas AIA Community Award at a ceremony on January 26, 2011.  Congratulations!

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