OOCCL Donates Funds to Sunset Band
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The Old Oak Cliff Conservation League was given $235.00 from the Oak Cliff Prom last September.  We voted to donate the money to the Sunset High School Band.  The school is trying to raise $9500 to transport the band to a competition in Orlando.

OOCCL New Member Brochure
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New members and old members alike - be on the lookout for OOCCL's new member brochure in the next couple of weeks!  Thanks to VP of Membership Phil Perry and VP of Communication for the great job!

President's Letter
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This is the last month that I will be President of the Old Oak Cliff Conservation League. These past 3 years have been an amazing time of growth and recognition for both Oak Cliff and for the League. We used to have an email contact list that had only 65 people on it; today it’s in the thousands. The tour 3 years ago was one of our least lucrative while the one this year was one of our best.

We’ve had political debates with potential City Council members and we’ve held seminars trying to explain the complexities of zoning and its impact on our community. We’ve fought for fire stations and we’ve fought for parks. We’ve tried to shine the light on those in our community that do us proud and we had no problem shining that same light on their opposite. We’ve grown our membership rolls through all this and our coffers have never been fuller. That last statement is remarkable considering the economy and that we gave away over $22,000 to local causes last year.

Two very distinct events stand out in my mind as definitive moments these past 3 years. The first was our decision to try to save Oak Cliff Christian Church from DISD. I think it’s safe to say that a common emotion that draws people to the League is a love of old homes and I think that same love is felt for many of the structures around us… like Oak Cliff Christian. Even though we lost that battle and the church, the League established itself as an advocate for preservation in Oak Cliff.  Because of that event more people became aware of us and began to respect us and look to us.

I hope that battle inspires future Boards to never shy away from a fight to save old buildings. There’s no better organization positioned to galvanize public support for that invaluable part of our culture.

The second was the Bishop Davis zoning case last year. Over 300 acres were rezoned to allow for greater density along these 2 corridors. Unprecedented acreage for sure but definitive for the wedge it drove between so many neighborhoods. League members walked door-to-door, attended countless meetings and hosted a town hall on the subject. I even used my broken high school Spanish to try to tell people that if it passed, a 5-story building could be built next to their one-story house and out to the street rendering the environment where they purchased their home unrecognizable.

It is also my hope that the League never shies away from a zoning case either; particularly those brought forth by private interests for private gain that use a strategy of divide and conquer as a means to an end. Such tactics are detrimental to our mission.

The League’s greatest strength is the strong voice that 30 neighborhoods provide. By this one turning on that one and that one thinking they’re more special than the other one, that voice is diminished. The organization suffers; residents lose and outside interests with no real concern or affection for Oak Cliff prevail.

Personally, I’ve learned and grown so much. I’d never been the president of anything in my life. I was almost intimidated into quitting the first year but people like Barbara Barbee, Judi Glazer and the late great Vicki Fitzgerald wouldn’t let me. I’ve gotten to be on TV, write newspaper editorials and I even learned how to speak in public. Most importantly though, the League provided me with a place to express my lifelong passion and love for Oak Cliff and for that I will forever be grateful.

We’ve had supportive Boards each year that let me pursue things that I believed in because they believed in them too and I can’t tell you how much that support has meant to me. The Old Oak Cliff Conservation League is full of incredible people and personalities and it’s been my distinct privilege to get to know them all. I am very proud of them and what we’ve accomplished.

In closing, I want to ask each of you to get more involved in the preservation of Oak Cliff, our culture and our way of life. The League is a worthy outlet for your time and energy. I know of no greater altruistic organization that does so much good for the Oak Cliff community. No one benefits monetarily from the League. No one is paid. We do not advocate positions that benefit only a select few because we try to advocate positions that benefit us all. Each person in the League does what they do simply because they care and how many local groups can boast that?

I am honored to have been your president.

Michael Amonett

Beckleywood Family's Home Suffers a Gas Explosion and Seeks Help This Holiday Season
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UPDATE:  OOCCL raised $300 at our Christmas Party and took it to Trinity United Church and Domingo's family this past weekend.  Donatinos can still be mailed by check to the address below. 

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