2011 Fall Home Tour Preview II
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W. 8th St. - Bishop Arts District

When Reddick W. Shaw commenced building a five-room cottage at 416 W. Eighth St. in April of 1908, Thomas Marsalis’ dream of developing an upscale town called Oak Cliff was 20 years in the past. Marsalis had died in poverty, Oak Cliff had voted for annexation into the City of Dallas, and a private company had laid streetcar tracks across the Trinity River to within one block of Shaw’s construction site. The Dallas Land & Loan Addition II would become a working-class neighborhood instead of a rich enclave.

The modern but humble house cost Shaw just $1.15 per square foot to erect. It sat on a foundation of logs, its internal walls were wooden shiplap covered in wallpaper, and nothing bigger than a 2" by 4" was used above floor level. Reverend George West bought the home from Shaw and lived there ten years, adding a sleeping porch, servants quarters, fruit trees, and a garden. The houses on Eighth St. coexisted with commercial uses surrounding the Seventh St. stop on the North Loop streetcar line. Records indicate 416 8th became a rental property during the 1930s, with houses leasing on the block for just $30 monthly.

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DATE: Thursday September 22, 2011
TIME: 5:30 PM
LOCATION: Martin Weiss Recreation Center 1111 Martindell MAP
MORE: Councilmember Delia Jasso and Assistant City Manager Al Gonzalez discuss the planned downgrading of two local OC fire stations. Hook and ladder trucks would be moved from 3 city stations.... 2 of them right here in Oak Cliff making the closest one on Akard St. downtown.
RSVP to Delias's office at 214-670-4052

New budget plans are underway to downgrade 2 area OOCCL fire stations: number 26 on Westmoreland and Jefferson and number 15 on Eigth and Patton.  Among other issues, downgrading would make the nearest hook and ladder truck have to come from Akard St. downtown.




Mrs. Jasso and Mr. Griggs,

I am forwarding the message that was sent to me via the Jasso office. I reject the reasoning for several reasons.

1.To tell us that our service will be more efficient when the Ladder truck will be 2 miles away instead of 3 blocks away is nonsensical.

2.To tell us that the revision of Station # 52 to accommodate the move is going to cost between $ 2,000 and $ 4,000 is completely unrealistic. Station # 52 was built for a reduced staff decades ago. The ambulance does not fit into the station now. The shift being moved from Station # 26 has several female firefighters. There is no provision at Station # 52 for them. Only 1 toilet at the station works( even though there has been a work order for 2 years asking for repairs). There is no adequate dressing room and shower space for separate facilities for the female officers( which is obligatory).

3.To accommodate the Ladder Truck walls will have to be knocked out.
Sleeping facilities built for 4 to 6 firefighters will have to be rebuilt for 12. The kitchen is inadequate. There is no way all this work can be done for the sum quoted.

4.The plan is now to move the boat and brush truck at Station # 52 to Station # 26 where they are not needed. Those items should stay closer to Joe Pool Lake where they were intended in the first place.

After hearing how these plans to change the position of Fire Rescue Ladder Trucks have circulated from one neighborhood fire station to another neighborhood fire station and subsequently been dropped because of resident and City Council objections, now we come to North Oak Cliff. Three of the four proposed changes are now zeroed in on Oak Cliff. Where are the promises to stop dumping on the residents of Oak Cliff? We have now heard that higher ups in the Fire Rescue Department have flatly stated that this plan will be implemented unless the City Council Members from those districts put a stop to it. We are now asking you Mrs. Jasso and you Mr. Griggs to put a stop to this. A computer program should not be dictating how the Fire Rescue Service is run. There is no way that these changes can be justified to us.

We need your help with this.
Barbara Barbee, President Beverly Hills Neighborhood Association

Ms. Barbee,

Good morning from the office of Councilwoman Delia Jasso, District 1. The information below is from Louie W. Bright, III, Interim Fire Chief for the Dallas Fire-Rescue (DFR) Department. Please share this information with the members of the Beverly Hills Neighborhood Association and anyone else who may benefit from this information. Additionally, expect an email soon regarding a public meeting on an update on fire station #’s 15, 26.
2011 Fall Home Tour Preview I
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N. Winnetka Ave. - Kessler Park

This post-war 1947 Tudor Revival home sits on a double lot at the southeast corner of the Kessler Square subdivision. Originally platted in 1923, the majority of lots in this area are laid out on a tight grid, with a regularity of setbacks, stylistic influences, scale, and materials. The majority of this subdivision was built during the 1920's and 1930's with a variety of revival-style cottages and contemporary bungalows.

Although new building materials and styles were utilized in 1947, this home was built in the same fashion as neighboring Tudor homes built in the 1920 and 1930s; the walls have 6” shiplap under the sheetrock and the windows are weighted wood with waive glass panes. Also original are a separate two-car garage, servant’s quarters, and wash room, where laundry was done until the most recent renovations.

Sylvan / Thirty Meeting
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The Ft. Worth Ave Development Group will hold a town hall meeting to discuss the proposed Sylvan 30 development on Tuesday evening, September 13, from 7:00 - 9:00 pm at Salon las Americas, 1004 Ft. Worth Ave.

This meeting will have limited seating, so please arrive early to secure your seat. The presentation will begin promptly at 7 pm.

Topics for discussion will include the developer's zoning change application, securing performance, roadways and rights-of-way, the importance of urban form, and the economics of development.

Brent Brown: "Securing Performance"
Andrew Howard: "The importance of urban form"
Peer Chako: "Roadways & right of ways"
Jason Claunch: "Economics of Development"

East Kessler Park Position

Ft. Worth Ave. Development Group Position

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