OOCCL Endorses Plan on DHA
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The League voted at our August meeting to endorse a plan presented by Deborah Carpenter of the Ft. Worth Ave. Development Group seeking guidelines for a more equitable solution at the DHA property on Ft. Worth Ave.  The plan was backed also by member neighborhood Stevens Park Village who is the most impacted by the Dallas Housing Authority's actions on Ft. Worth Ave.

It was mentioned someone might want to start with giving the exterior of the structure, reminiscent of something from a communist bloc country, a good power washing

Proposed 10-Point Action Plan
2010 OOCCL Grant Receipients
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The following grants were awarded at our June General Membership Meeting -
Dells District Grant: Part 1- $ 72.00, Part 2- $ 192.00
Description: Part 1 - Purchase materials for approx 4 welcome packets for new homeowners moving into the Dells District.
Part 2- Hire off duty police officers to patrol neighborhood during holidays with history of random gunfire and fireworks.
East Kessler Park Grant: $ 575.00
Description: Purchase signs to remind drivers in the neighborhood to slow down.
West Kessler Grant: $ 1505.08
Description: 1.Website upgrade and maintenance 2. directory production and printing 3.   flyer and newsletter printing supplies

Kessler Plaza Grant: $ 8760.00
Description: Aid Kessler Plaza in using the North Oak Cliff United Police Patrol. This will benefit the neighborhood by preventing and/or reduce criminal activity., Thus, improving the quality of life in the neighborhood.

Oak Cliff Chamber Seeks to Replay Private Study in the Oak Cliff Gateway
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Roy Appleton at the Dallas Morning News reports
that the Oak Cliff Chamber is seeking to utilize the "private study" method used with the Bishop Davis Study to rezone the Oak Cliff Gateway.

It wasn't said what would be done with all the information gathered already by city staff from East Kessler, Kidd Springs and Lake Cliff that qualified as neighborhood input thus far. Meetings seeking neighborhood input have been held off and on for the past 2 years and the City Council voted tentatively on a plan.

With the Davis St. Study, local commercial property owners, along with INCAP, hired architect Larry Good to upzone the Davis and Bishop corridors.. That was to be directed by appointed "steering committee" members. Some of whom did not live in Oak Cliff.

Neighborhood satisfaction with the finished product was about 50/50 with Winnetka Heights, Kings Hwy and West Kessler feeling satisfied with how their areas were treated and Kidd Springs, Dallas Land and Loan, and L.O. Daniel not being satisfied.  Final passage by Council is scheduled for August 11 and hopefully all neighborhoods will be equally satisfiled with the end results.
Dallas Land and Loan Housing Survey
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Rene Schmidt of Christ Episcopal Church at Tenth and Llewelyn surveyed and photographed the Dallas Land and Loan neighborhood.  Rene has worked with Preservation Dallas in the past and wrote the article "Road to Glory; Tenth St. becomes Church St." .  

Dallas Land and Loan resident Anita Mills attended our July Meeting and reported on her recent efforts to reorgaize the Dallas Land and Loan Neighborhood Association.

The results are interesting and available for viewing by pressing the "Read More" button below.

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