Oak Cliff People Editorial - Let's Learn from Bishop Davis Experience
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Let’s Learn from Bishop Davis Experience
Editorial - Oak Cliff People Newspaper – 11/19/11

Last year’s Bishop Davis zoning initiative saw nearly 300 area acres rezoned to allow for new uses and increased density. As we begin to consider similar zoning for 800 more acres in the Oak Cliff Gateway, it’s practical to visit last year first.

Height- Plans were announced recently to build a 5-story mixed-use building on a vacant tract of land at Davis and Vernon. Across the street are well-kept 1-story homes and duplexes. Last year, there was a residential proximity slope (RPS) of 3:1 in place that ensured any new construction affecting them would be proportional in height. Now, RPS has been removed entirely when cast across an existing street.

Of those turning in ballots to the city for Bishop Davis, a majority of those bordering this tract said no but their voices were drowned out.

Solution: Re-implement a 3:1 RPS for all of Bishop Davis like the rest of us enjoy or at the very least, do so going forward in the Gateway.

No one would want such a disproportionate height directly across from his or her home.

Alcohol - There were 5 sub-areas in Bishop Davis and alcohol related establishments became an approved use in all but 1. Only Winnetka Heights said no. The Kessler Theater was grandfathered.
Understanding Form Based Zoning
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Overview of the CIty of Dallas Form Based Code


Virginia McAlester, author, preservationist and form based zoning advocate.
Virginia addressed the history of form based zoning and why we use it in addition to its cost effectiveness and the vitality it adds to an area by combining the right mix of work-live-play to target areas of our city.

Peer Chacko, AICP, Assistant Director Development Services with the City of Dallas
Peer will addressed the technical aspects of Form Based Zoning paying particular attention to transition areas, proximity slopes, green space/open space, a building's relation to the street and answer all your questions regarding application of Form Based Zoning's application to our area.

Above is an overview of Mr. Chacko's presentation:

Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce Honors League with Award Nominations
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The Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce has honored the Old Oak Cliff Conservation League with two nominations for their 2011 Awards.  

The 2011 Fall Home Tour was nominated for the Event of the Year and President Michael Amonett was nominated for the Community Advocate of the Year.  

The event will be on Friday December 9th from 5:30 - 7:30 at the Bishop Arts Theater at 215 S. Tyler. MORE INFO

Congratulations to the nominees and much thanks to the Chamber for the recognition.

Under Construction... Bishop Arts Theater Sign
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 Near completion!  In 4 weeks, the second half will go up.

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