Community Gardens of Oak Cliff
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Jonathan Braddick spoke at the OOCCL March Quarterly Membership meeting about the organization he is vice-president of, Community Gardens of Oak Cliff.  Community Gardens of Oak Cliff are plots of land dotted throughout the Oak Cliff area.  map  Within these individual lots, residents are allowed to reserve your own personal plot to tend all summer and harvest fruits and vegatables for your own use.  It's a great way to get an education in gardening if it's something you've wanted to try but were afraid. 

Community Gardens of Oak Cliff has a blog where you can find more information here.  Plots of land are going fast and it's time to get started if you're intierested!
OOCCL settles with DISD - President's Letter - Quarter 1
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OOCCL Wins Reprieve for Church!  Property for Sale For Six Months

The Old Oak Cliff Conservation League reached a settlement in mediation with DISD on Friday February 12th. The terms of the settlement allow for OOCCL to broker Oak Cliff Christian Church with an agent throughout the summer. If the property does not have a contract pending by mid-August, DISD may demolish the building.

There are many external revenue sources available for a project like this.  We are assembling this information and will post it as soon as possible. An historic property developer looked at the church and said as much as 40% of the finish out could come from outside sources.

We are also in contact with a Realtor that handles unusual properties such as this. They are handling an old church that was converted to a residence in Junius Heights. The story was on the front page of the Metro Section of the DMN on Wednesday February 17th. Story here.

When you see past president John McCall Jr., tell him thank you. John took on the establishment all by himself and got further than many would have dreamed. To sit next to John and look across at 8 attorneys for opposing counsel was surreal.  John did hours and hours of work for the League on this and he did it all for free. We are in his debt.
Dallas Observer's Jim Schutze Sounds Off On Oak Cliff
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Sorry, Dallas City Hall, But Oak Cliff Doesn't Need Your Permission to Get Stuff Done

Courtesy the Oak Cliff Transit Authority
Can't let this pass without pointing something out. Two stunning stories that have come down the pike in the past 24 hours -- the awarding of a major federal grant for trolley in Oak Cliff and the success of preservationists in forcing DISD to back down, at least temporarily, from demolishing an historic Oak Cliff church - are illustrations of a phenomenon I was talking about late last month in a column I wrote about community gardens. In both instances -- the trolley and the church -- a new younger element in Oak Cliff has demonstrated a truly phenomenal capacity for stepping right around the Moribundo Tribe at City Hall to get things done.

Friends of Oak Cliff Parks Needs You
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Friends of Oak Cliff Parks
President Barbara Barbee addressed the League on 2/9/2010 about the potential re-allocation of bond funds away from a previously funded restoration project at Kiest Park Memorial Gardens

Former Councilmembers Dr. Elba Garcia and Ed Oakley allocated $250,000.00 to restore/rebuild the historic WPA pergola at Kiest Park (pictured).  Restoration of the pergola would allow for the application process to begin to place Kiest Park Memorial Gardens on the National Register of Historic Landmarks.  Historic designation of Kiest Park would be a great honor for the Oak Cliff community and an asset to local residents and property owners.  Future federal dollars might also be available after such a designation.
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