7. 1207 N. Zang Blvd. - Polar Bear c.1932
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Built in 1932 the whimsical restaurant is most associated with its longest running tenant, Polar Bear Ice Cream. In fact, the space had two prior tenants.  In old city directories, U.S. Sandwich Shop shows up from 1932-1937 and Schell Grill shows up from 1938-1945.  Polar Bear opened in 1946 and closed some time in the 1980's or 1990's.  One always thinks of ice cream when looking at the igloo and glacier shaped structure but it was only luck that an ice cream eatery ended up there.  

Schell Grill as seen from the Lake Cliff Rose Garden. You can barely make out the sign to the left side. - many thanks to the City of Dallas Municilpal Archives for this photo

6. 211 E. Colorado - Oak Cliff Floral c.1938
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The Mission Style retail building fronting Colorado Boulevard near Zang is currently for lease in the proposed Oak Cliff Gateway Special Purpose District. Built in 1938 by Oak Cliff Floral Company, the flower shop operated in this location for many years and added a large greenhouse and 3-bedroom apartment behind the original building in 1950. A central courtyard is accessible from both buildings. The historic model of live/work was viable and successful for the Oak Cliff Floral family, until they moved operations to another location.

5. 500 N. Ewing - J.G. Davis c.1910
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500 N. Ewing was built in 1910 by J.G. Davis.  The Davis's moved from 201 Jefferson. Davis was in the cattle business.  J.G. Davis was a member of the Oak Cliff Council at the time Dallas annexed Oak Cliff in 1903.  Davis was one of many that petitioned lawmakers in Austin to force Dallas to abide by term of the referendum placed before voters at the time of annexation and to force Dallas to do what it had agreed to.  Mainly at issue was the matter of saloons.  Dallas had them and Oak Cliff didn't want them.  Also there were certain civic investments that Dallas promised with regards to newly built schools.

Dallas enforced a poll tax at the objection of the anti-annexationists resulting in a final vote for the annexation of Oak Cliff

201 For
183 Against
with a difference of 18
4. 1045 N. Zang Blvd. - Zang's Storefront c.1914
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J.F. Zang completed his 2-story triangular 70x30x70 brick veneer storefront at 1045 Zang Blvd. in 1914 for $3000. Zang was a prominent Oak Cliff developer and civic leader. He had just finished leading the charge to complete the Houston St. Viaduct in 1912 and was grand marshal of the parade across the bridge celebrating its completion.
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